Permaculture Intro Weekend Course

Permaculture Intro Weekend Course

10th - 13th of September 2021

Immerse yourself in the world of permaculture and spend a weekend on our beautiful farm!

This course is for you, if you feel, that permaculture is the way to go, but you miss the good basics of knowledge and practice.

We will support each other in a gentle transformation towards sustainable and positive future. Connect with nature, ourselves and other people through experience and practical tools. Permaculture is for everyone, who is open to see the problems as solutions, not only for farmers. No matter where and how you live, no matter what your limitations are. We will learn, that each of us has precious skills, that could be used in our daily life and help the planet earth to live in abundance.

permaculture course

During the course we introduce you to the permaculture world, its main principals and ethics. You will find out about gardening techniques, natural building, social and community aspect, technology and other topics. To make it fun and effective, we blend theory with hands-on practice. On the day of arrival there will be a tour over the farm, when we explain the land, as well as  how we live and what did we built up.

Feel free to get in touch!

  • little bit of permaculture history
  • principals & ethics
  • food forest
  • gardening techniques
  • the importance of healthy soil
  • hands-on introduction to natural building
  • social & community aspect
  • alternative technology & economy
quinta kania farm

About Facilitators

Time Schedule


  • 2 pm – arrival
  • 3 pm: opening circle, permaculture history
  • 5 pm: Quinta Kania farm tour
  • 7:30 pm – dinner


  • 9 am – breakfast
  • 10 am – 1 pm: essence of permaculture, soil&compost
  • 1 pm – lunch
  • 3pm – 6 pm: food forest, growing food
  • 7:30 pm – dinner
  • movie night


  • 9 am – breakfast
  • 10 am – 1 pm: natural building
  • 1 pm – lunch
  • 3 pm – 6 pm: social aspects, alternative technology & economics
  • 7:30 – dinner
  • Good bye party


  • 10 am – breakfast
  • departure
permaculture portugal
permaculture course
permaculture course
naturail building
permaculture intro course
permaculture course
permaculture course

Good quality and tasty food is always in the center of our attention. We will serve vegetarian meals sourced mainly from our garden or other local suppliers. There will be time to rest in the shade of the trees and watch permaculture related movies under the stars. It’s a wonderful opportunity to spend a weekend in relaxed, healthy environment and get inspired. As well as meet other interesting people and experience a positive group spirit.

Below we are listing the topics of each day, as well as more details about the day schedules, accommodations and prices.

Optional Accommodations

Wooden Cabin

permaculture portugal
For 1 person or a couple

Bell Tent

bell tent
For 1 person or a couple

Shared Yurt

3 single beds
20€ per person
quinta kania farm

Course fee: 160€

It includes all the learning activities, camping with your own tent or a van, meals and pick up from bus or train station, when needed. If you choose one of our optional accommodations, it counts extra. The prices of accommodations are listed above and they include a stay during the whole course.

We ask 40€ deposit to confirm your booking and the rest can be paid on arrival with cash.

Note: In case we have to cancel the course due to covid-19 regulations, your deposit is fully refunded. It is non-refundable in case you cancel.

Special family package: 200€

We understand, that being a parent makes it difficult to fully participate in the whole course. That’s why we offer a special price for the whole family, that includes the course, food and camping. If you choose one of our optional accommodation, it counts extra.
The package is for 2 adults plus children.
We ask 40€ deposit to confirm your booking and the rest can be paid on arrival with cash.
We hope this way always one parent have possibility to participate in the course, while the other takes care of the kids.

Local price: 100€

This offer stands for people from the local area, that would like to participate in the classes and come back home at the end of the day.

The price includes all the learning activities and the lunch on Saturday and Sunday.

We ask 40€ deposit to confirm your booking and the rest can be paid on arrival with cash.

quinta kania farm

If you feel, that you really want to take part, but your economical situation doesn’t allow you to pay a full price, write us. Let us know, how much can you pay and if you can contribute in any other ways.

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