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Quinta Kania

Permaculture Farm

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quinta kania farm

Welcome! We are a permaculture farm in the center of Portugal, that wants to be an example for others, how to live in harmony with nature and ourselves.

We are regularly hosting Permaculture Courses and workshops. It’s our greatest passion to spread the awareness of sustainable life to everyone, who is open for that.

Our main focus is the food forest, natural building, community and growing food.

Find out more about us, the farm and our stories.


quinta kania farm

Follow our courses and other events related to permaculture, natural building and healthy lifestyle.

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Permaculture News

quinta kania farm

Farm related news and tips, that we love to share. If you are a beginner, here you can also find here easy and fun introduction to permaculture.

Natural Building

quinta kania farm

Designing and building the facilities on the farm is our true passion. This is where we become creative and have so much fun. We love to experiment with earthen techniques, use recyclable materials and work with what we have already on the land.

permaculture course

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