Permaculture Courses in Portugal 2021

Permaculture Intro Weekend Course

18th - 21st June 2021

Thank you so much for this amazing Permaculture Intro Weekend Course we had! The group spirit, that all of us created, was unforgettable. We hope, that the seeds of permaculture will stay within you for long and inspire many other people.
We feel blessed to be part of it!
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Open Cob Day

16th May 2021

Visit us for an open day and have fun playing with cob! Learn, how do we prepare the earthen mix from scratch. Get all the important tips for plastering and building with this technique.
Experience joy of team work and be in touch with elements and natural materials.

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Composting Workshop

Soil is perceived by the majority of people as dirt, which is neither healthy nor clean to work with. Well, nothing is more wrong than that…
During the workshop we focused on understanding what soil is – what it consists of. What is living inside it and how we can improve its quality for gardening purpose.
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Introduction to Medicinal Plants

During the Introduction to Medicinal Plants Workshop we learnt about plants that I found most common to the region, as well as most helpful along my experience. What do they need to grow happily and when and how to harvest them; eventually what kind of products we can turn them into.

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Food Forest Workshop

We loved our one-day workshop about Food Forest! If you like the idea of growing your own food and enjoy the ambient of forest in the same time – that technique will turn out very useful. It can be applied on every scale, from the backyards and city parks, to the large rain forest areas.