Composting Workshop

  • compost permaculture
compost permaculture
Composting Workshop
Soil is the heart of all life on this planet. When grabbing a handful of soil in our hands, we are holding thousands of microorganisms in it. All of which play a huge role in our lives. Soil is perceived by the majority of people as dirt, which is neither healthy nor clean to work with. Well, nothing is more wrong than that…
During the workshop we focused on understanding what soil is – what it consists of. What is living inside it and how we can improve its quality for gardening purpose.
We covered such subjects as:
  • soil microorganisms
  • carbon&nitrogen ratio
  • soil pH
  • hot compost
  • terra preta
  • compost toilet
  • compost tea

We also made together a big compost heap for a different and interesting use – heating up water for a hot shower.


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