Introduction to Medicinal Plants Workshop

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Introduction to Medicinal Plants Workshop

During the Introduction to Medicinal Plants Workshop we learnt about plants that I found most common to the region, as well as most helpful along my experience. What do they need to grow happily and when and how to harvest them; eventually what kind of products we can turn them into.

We got to know what plants need to be drunk in infusion and which ones are better in tinctures; how to make our own oil and water macerates, creams, essential oils and soaps. Also we looked into the magic and figured out what exactly makes them so good for us; what do they need to contain to heal us and how do they react with water, oils and alcohol.

We also learnt about herbs that work specially in woman’s cycles, supporting every phase of it. Additionally as an inspiration, we grasped some ancient stories about witches and shamans that had deep relationships with plants for centuries all over the world.

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