Kitchen Geodome

Kitchen Geodome

Our concept of wooden geodome kitchen turned into adventures journey through different techniques and challenges. We have learnt so much and the effect is astonishing!

First we wanted to know how is it to build with earth bags and that gave us good foundations. Earth bags are very strong and can carry a lot of load. But they are also labor intensive, so from now on we continued with wood. Our fist approach to build a geodome was funny and easy broom sticks concept. We cut them in appropriate length and joined them with transparent, elastic pvc pipes.

Broom stick geodome was later on taken down to be used as a kitchen coop. We decided to build a stronger wooden structure, which can carry a load of wooden planks. Eventually the top part was covered with tar paper for rainproof reasons and the sides were plastered with lime.

We finished the floor with local schist stones. Their magical patterns draw our attention every day.

Do you have more questions about these techniques? Drop us a message here. 

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