Yurts have a long tradition, starting from nomadic Mongolian tribes. They were specially designed to be portable, yet warm enough to survive very harsh climate.

Along the years people were taking inspiration from this genius concept.

Our yurt was made by English company, designing them for festivals. Their yurts are made to be set up quick and easy and to be durable for many years of extreme conditions.

We were living in it for three years and never regret this decision. We loved to be in a round space, watching the stars in the night through the top window. To be in a yurt also means being connected to the surrounding way more than in the house. We could hear the birds, the rain and the wind blowing between the trees, but still feel warm enough, secure and cozy.

Our yurt is equipped with one double bed, one single bed and the wood stove.

Would you like to book the yurt for a holiday? Drop us a message here.

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