Latest Past Events

Pruning Workshop

Quinta Kania Farm

Frank Scherer and Quinta Kania Farm are excited to invite you for the full day adventure with trees pruning. We will have a chance to find out, how to perfectly care for our plants: when is the best time for pruning for different kind of trees why do we prune when is it necessary what […]


Permablitz at Quinta de Mourão, creating a Forest Garden

What is permablitz Hello, Everyone! This is a Permablitz, a free event, when we come together and focus on one task. We share our time, work, skills and a meal. We learn how to be a resilient community, that care for one another. This month we invite you to be part of setting up a […]


Soil and compost – workshop

Quinta Kania Farm

We invite you for a one-day composting adventure with Quinta Kania Farm! Taking the soil for granted, we forget, how precious and crucial it is for our survival. In order to live a healthy life as a human beings, we need to know, how to develop a good connection with the soil. What that really […]