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Meet us in person and have your own farm experience

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Are you curious about our lifestyle and would like to find out, how it is to run a sustainable farm?

Do you think of moving into the area and would love to see already established place?

Or maybe you are doing similar projects and would like to connect, exchange some ideas?

That’s why we are offering individual farm tours on request. It usually takes around 2,5-3 hours. During that time we take you for a walk along all the facilities, garden, fields and forests. We explain our natural buildings, eco bathrooms, food forest idea, earthworks, water treatment, passive energy designs, geodomes, greenhouse etc. We are always flexible with the topics and points of interest. So you will decide, what would you like to see and find out.

Families with children and pets are welcome.

permaculture course
permaculture course
permaculture course
permaculture intro course
farm tour
permaculture farm portugal

Choose from our different offers


Farm tour for max 2 adults or a family

If you would like to book a tour for a group, let us know, and we will tailor a price for you.
35€ plus 10€ per person

Farm tour with lunch

Have a meal with us after the tour and taste the difference of local, homegrown produce.

Farm tour with accommodation (max 2 adults)

Stay with us for a night in your own wooden cabin and enjoy the peace of the countryside. The yurt is a perfect space for one person or couple. If you are a family, you can come to the land with your own van, or we can suggest you other suitable accommodations in the area. Kitchen and bathroom facilities are included in price. If you are interested in having a meal with us, let us know and we can tailor the price for you.


See more about the Wooden Cabin.

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Book a farm tour or ask for more details

    Choose from our offers

    Let us know what date is best for you. We will get back to you to confirm, if we are available that time or suggest another date.

    If you have any special diet we should know about, let us know in advance, please.

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