Food forest in Portugal, what to grow in Mediterranean climate

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  • António Bispo

    This is just precious.
    A very good work targeted at the mediterranian climate and encourage native species.
    A good addition to my permaculture research data.

    Really enjoyed reading this.

    Thank you

    • admin

      Thank you so much! I’m glad you like it.

  • Aljaz Kuzner

    Thank you. Im also designing a food forest and this article gave me some new ideas!

  • Stephen Moss

    Thank you for the help, we’re just setting up here in Central Portugal. Currently working on the irrigation for our site.

    • admin

      You’re totally right on this one, thanks for the highlight. I mentioned longifolia, because in my experience it’s a manageable tree, specially if you maintain it regularly, which should be the case at the early stages of the food forest life. We have it on the land for at least 10 years, it’s spreading, but didn’t come out of control. We use it a lot for chop and drop and we are very happy with it. Unfortunately the nitrogen fixing trees will be very often considered invasive and it’s often a thin line. So it’s always best check your exact micro-climate, specific place and experiment with small amounts at the beginning.

  • Barbara Leite Cowan

    thanks for all the sharing
    just a quick note to share about Tagasaste/Lucerne tree as an excellent nitrogen fixing shrub… amazing fast growing, drought resistant, and so much more… I live on a land near Gardunha Mountains, south side of Serra da Estrela, 450m above sea level. This means extreme heat in summer and some frost in winter… and they thrive very well…it´s still not easy to find good seed bank or nursery in portugal… Im propagating and sharing as much as I can in this region and I hope we can build up this bank to share even more 🙂

    • admin

      Sounds interesting, thanks for adding on! For how long do you grow them already? Feel free to contact me on if you have some of them for sale.

    • Jeanine Punt

      Dear Barbara, last year we bought a piece of land with house in Aldeia das Dez, also around 406 m above sea level near Serra da Estrela. We are gathering info about things we can implement in our permaculture design . Your tip is very useful cause I tink we have the same soil and conditions. And yes, so far I hve not found places where I can get hold of seeds /young plants . Can we visit you sometimes or can you give some more tips on this?
      regards, jeanine

    • Haram

      Boa Tarde.
      I would be interested in seeds or small plants if you have any available. Thanks.

  • JC

    Whe are also interested in tagastaste seeds, living near Beja. Hope we can arrange something.

  • Barbara Lamar

    Many thanks for sharing this information. I have been using Permaculture techniques for many years in Texas. The situation here in Portugal is so different I hardly knew where to begin. Your lists of plants is a wonderful starting point. I will contact you for a consultation when I am a little farther along in my design.

    • admin

      That makes me very happy, thanks for your kind words. Good luck with the design!

  • Rob

    This looks wonderful and the information is very helpful for us. Thank you for sharing. Greetings from Lanzarote.

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