Food Forest Workshop


Food forest workshop

We are excited to announce our one-day workshop about Food Forest! If you like the idea of growing your own food and share our belief, that the forest is the most resilient ecosystem – that technique will turn out very useful. Food forest can be applied on every scale, from the backyards and city parks, to the large forest areas.

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Topics we will cover

  • what is a food forest
  • history
  • food web and nutrient cycle
  • nitrogen fixing
  • layers of the food forest
  • our personal story
  • how to design a food forest
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food forest
food forest
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food forest

What to expect

During this workshop you will get a good inside about what the concept of the food forest means. You will also grasp the complexity of the plants living together in harmony. We will focus on how does it work in Portugal and how to apply this idea on our exact climate. We will have a tour over the food forest zone on our farm and we will share with you how did we establish it step by step. HERE is the link to our gallery, as a little teaser. We will explain the principals of this method and give you practical tips how to go through your own design and set up. As the practical part of the course, we will prepare a small plot, as a new extension of our existing food forest. This way you can get hands on experience, how to prepare the soil and plant first seedlings.

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