Good reasons to have a greenhouse in Portugal

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  • Fabien

    Hello, what is the temperature inside your greenhouse during pick winter time ?

    • admin

      In the night the coldest temperature will be just above zero, around 2 Celsius. In the day it raises easily to 20 or more on a sunny weather. It can be even more if we don’t ventilate in the early afternoon hours.

  • Aidi Aron

    Do you use any heating system at all such as compost heating for example?

    • admin

      We haven’t try that in the greenhouse yet, but it’s a great solution! We have done the massive compost heater three winter times for heating up the shower water. Each time it worked nicely, also warming up our banana plants growing next to it. Other simple techniques you can do to increase the temperature is to place many big bottles of water next to the greenhouse’s walls or the most sensitive plants. The body of water acts like an extra thermal mass.

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