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Her passions always centered around creativity and people, so she realised early on that this is her direction in life.

Kasia left home at a young age to travel and discover the world. For many years she moved around like the wind, trying different schools, hobbies and lifestyles.

The dream to establish a place, where people gather to develop their passions and learn from each other has been with her for as long as she can remember. At some point it became obvious, that such place would have to be connected with nature.

Kasia completed her Permaculture Design Course in the Alentejo, Portugal. Here she found opportunities to combine all her knowledge and interests. She was moved by the positive approach of permaculture, where the problem is the solution.

She is currently studying Process Work, a methodology for working with people in therapy, coaching, organizational work, and art.

She loves herbal medicine, gardening and designing crazy shapes in her natural buildings.


Growing up in the foothills of the German Alps, Franz developed his passion for being in nature from an early age. As a kid, hiking with family, he loved watching plants and animals along the mountain trails. His analytical mind called him to study biology, but it wasn’t what he’d expected, as he soon found out. Spending all day in a lab, he missed getting his hands dirty. He wanted to do something real.

During semester breaks Franz travelled all over the world. Especially Thailand and India inspired him to live a free and humble life, independent of the haste of western culture.

In 2015 he came across permaculture and attended a Permaculture Design Course in Croatia. This gave a boost to his enthusiasm and sparked the feeling, that he is not alone with his vision for a better future.

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Knowing that hands on experience is the best teacher, Franz continued to travel around Europe and visited various eco projects — until he was ready to realise the dream of having his own piece of land, a dream not easy to achieve in Germany, with high property prices and long, cold winters. Portugal seemed to offer much better options.

Alongside farming, his biggest passion is cooking, specially while enjoying some good tunes.

Carpentry and natural building give him the satisfaction to create something unique and useful at the same time.

His scientific mind still loves to experiment with new challenges, such as mushroom cultivation, repairing broken engines, or growing tropical fruit trees in a Mediterranean climate.