Natural Building Day

Natural Building Day

Dates and fees will be published once we launch the next event

Quinta Kania Farm invites you to a 1-day workshop with natural building! We will start off the day with a tour over the farm. We’ll share with you our experience with different natural building techniques and structures that we’ve realized on our land. After a vegetarian lunch from the garden, we will have some time to relax and enjoy the natural swimming pool. We will continue with the practical part in the afternoon, creating a cob pizza oven from a mix of clay, sand and fiber.


Topics we will cover

  • earthen techniques (cob, adobe, earth bags etc)
  • timber
  • lime plasters
  • geodomes
  • root cellar (passive fridge)
  • natural swimming pool
  • pizza oven

What to expect

We will start the day with guided farm tour, focusing especially on our natural buildings and structures. Each building process, no matter how small it is, carries a special story. We will share with you our stories, concepts, mistakes and passions. We always like to be transparent about our work, bring out all advantages and challenges that natural building brings. We will also brainstorm together, what does really mean to build naturally, looking from different perspectives.

After delicious vegetarian lunch supplied from our own garden produce, we will have a break, time to enjoy the natural swimming pool, socialize or rest on the hammock under the tree. It’s also a necessary siesta break, considering the hot weather conditions.

The practical part starts at 4pm and we will together mix the cob, which is clay, sand and a fiber (in our case sheep wool). We will learn what is a good ratio between them and how does it change regarding the purpose of building. There are plenty of ways how to build the pizza oven. It depends on your needs, motivation and imagination, what is the final result. Also we are not able to make the whole project in one day, simply because the cob needs time to cure in between different steps. But we will create the main “body” of the oven together, which is the most educative part of the it.

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Day schedule

  • 9:00 am – arrival
  • 9:30 am – farm tour
  • 1pm – lunch
  • 4pm – building pizza oven from cob

Please, bring comfortable clothes, which you don’t mind to make dirty. Also a hat and other sun protection you need is strongly recommended. However if you like the idea of hopping in our natural swimming pool, please remember to use natural sunscreen. The water plants and animals will thank you for that. If you don’t have natural cosmetics at home, simple coconut oil is a good option, since it contains a UV filter.

natural swimming pool