Permaculture Design Course 2024

Join us on a 2-week permaculture journey in Portugal and learn how to make the world a better place by using simple techniques.

8th - 24th of June 2024 at Quinta Kania near Tábua, central Portugal

quinta kania farm


ecological landscape design, sustainable lifestyle, food forest, soil regeneration, appropriate technology, community governance, natural building, self-development, resilient food production

During the Permaculture Design Course we will learn how to design systems that create harmonious connections between humans and the planet. The Australians Bill Mollison and David Holmgren coined the term in the 70’s, a combination of the words “permanent” and “agriculture. Permaculture ethics, principles and design techniques were first used to  develop sustainable agricultural systems  as an alternative to the growth of agro-industry and the consumer economy. From these beginnings, the concept of  Permaculture has expanded and diversified to cover nearly all types of  human-based systems.

Permaculture design courses have been developed as an introduction to this way of thinking and also to teach the tools needed for participants to design their own sustainable systems. These courses are taught through both theory and practice, and weave in both ancestral knowledge and recent discoveries. At Quinta Kania Farm we showcase several examples of permaculture in practice. Additionally we include an organized tour to another project, so participants can see how diverse different permaculture sites can be.

In this two week PDC we use the basic curriculum as set out by the UK Permaculture Association, and supported by the Southeastern Spanish Permaculture Network (REPESEI).

Curious about what Quinta Kania Farm looks like? Watch this video about us.

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quinta kania farm

What you will learn

Ethics and principles

Learn the philosophy permaculture is based on and the techniques needed to apply in your daily life, no matter where you are!

Systems thinking and patterns in nature

Explore the connections between natural and designed elements, and learn to replicate the functionality of natural systems in your design.


Learn how to recognize the climatic factors of different sites. Use and value diversity, and generate more yields by working with microclimates.


Soil structure and ecology, composting, and creating healthy ecosystems to regenerate degraded land.

Permaculture design

The art of collaboration and successful design. How to apply permaculture design methods, strategies and tools according to your needs.


Trees, forests and food forests. How to recognize and mimic natural systems, to create an abundance of food and other useful resources.


Learn to produce an abundance of healthy, organic food for you and your community.

Earthworks and water

Recognize water cycles, work with the shape the land through conscious design, and integrate water harvesting methods to create positive effects on ecological systems.

Well being and our own zone 00

Personal development, self-empowerment and personal goal setting

Natural Building

How to build beautiful, spiritually uplifting homes using locally resourced natural materials.

Non-violent communication and sociocracy

Collaboration, community living, and lifestyles to establish positive and meaningful connections.

Appropriate technology

Innovative ideas and tools to harvest, store and use energy.


How to preserve food that is healthy and tasty, whilst making sure the seasonal harvest from your garden never goes to waste.

Medicinal Plants

Introduction to powerful plants and natural remedies to keep your body strong.
quinta kania farm

Meet our Team

Permaculture Design Course
The diversity of the teachers’ backgrounds is what makes this PDC special.

We are a group of 4 friends from 4 different countries, together forming a diverse pot of interests and stories. A passion for spreading permaculture knowledge is one of the things we have in common. Find out more about each of us and watch short videos about our current projects.


quinta kania farm
permaclture course
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permaculture course
permaculture course
quinta kania farm

Course info


The course fee is on a sliding scale to suit different economies in the world – it’s up to you which one you choose:

fair: 750€

regular: 850€

supportive 950€

Early bird price: 700€ when booking before 8th of March 2024

We ask for a 400€ deposit (per person) to confirm your booking. The rest can be paid on arrival in cash.


The price includes:

  • all the learning activities,
  • camping in your own tent or in a van,
  • 3 good meals a day plus drinks
  • pick up from the bus or train station, if needed on the arrival and departure days
  • solar showers and compost toilets
  • electricity and wifi
  • access to the natural swimming pool

If you choose to stay in one of our accommodation options, you will need to pay a little extra. The prices of these are listed below and they include the whole stay.

Additional accommodation options

The camping with your own tent or a van are included in a course fee. Below we present other accommodation options with additional fees. You can choose one of them through our booking form.
natural building

Wooden Cabin

  • 200€ for a whole unit, for 1 person or a couple.
  • all the bedding provided
bell tent

Bell Tent

  • 200€ for a whole unit, for 1 person or a couple
  • all the bedding provided
3 beds shared room


  • 100€ for 1 single bed in a shared accommodation
  • bring your own sleeping bag