16-days Permaculture Design Course

23rd August - 8th September 2021

quinta kania farm

Quinta Kania Farm and Surplus Permaculture Design are excited to invite you for a two week Permaculture Design Course (PDC) on a stunning 4-hectare farm in the center of Portugal.

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Meet the Facilitator

surplus permaculture

Kyle Smith

Surplus Permaculture

Hosted by

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Kasia & Franz

What to expect

quinta kania farm

The Permaculture Design Course promises to be a very unique experience. We teach, based on our real life journey with Permaculture, from over 10 years’ experience in many varieties of climate. The 72 hours of course work, required to receive a Permaculture Design Certificate, will be covered over a two week period. It promises to be a PDC full of energy and excitement, knowledge and skills, connections and community. Sessions will be taught to accommodate all learning styles, combining lectures, group discussions, visual demonstrations, hands-on participatory learning and other creative ways of teaching permaculture. We will immerse ourselves in the life of Quinta Kania Farm seeing first hand how integrated permaculture systems and holistic design are applied and maintained. We give emphasis on connecting with the self (zone 00) on personal development and self-empowerment; giving participants life-changing tools for the future.

What is a PDC?

quinta kania farm

A PDC is an internationally-recognized, 72-hour theory course resulting in a Permaculture Design Certificate. It provides an introduction to permaculture design as set forth by movement founders Bill Mollison and David Holmgren. The PDC serves as a foundation for further permaculture work. The study and is a prerequisite for the Diploma in Permaculture Design, offered through​ ​ The Permaculture Association and Gaia University . Credit for this PDC are now accepted by a growing number of universities around the world. To date, thousands of permaculture designers worldwide have been certified through this course. Now they comprise a global network of educators, ecological activists, consultants and practitioners. They influence the decisions of major corporations, small business and people from all walks of life. They change the way we view and design our landscape, our surroundings, our relationships and our daily lives, so we can grow the revolution that our planet needs.

Permaculture Design Course

Course details

quinta kania farm

We allow one day for arrival (23rd Aug) and one for departure (8th Sept). The 2-week learning program will be taught in English and is designed to give participants the inspiration and knowledge they need to become a positive change in the world. The course will include a broad range of topics applicable to life anywhere on this planet. It will be tailored to the needs of the students present as well as the location at hand. We will cover every major topic in Bill Mollison’s Permaculture: a Designers Manual in the classroom and around the farm.



Philosophies and ethics underlying permaculture.


Permaculture principles and how to apply them in your daily life.

Systemic thinking

Exploring the connections between elements.

Patterns in Nature

And how to use that in permaculture design.


Climactic factors and strategies. We will cover all the major climates and how to work with them.


How to apply permaculture design tools and strategies to your problems. How to increase your chance of a successful design.


Trees, forests and Forest gardening. How to mimic natural forest systems to create an abundance of food, fibre and fodder.


Everything you need to know to produce organic food.


The properties of the soil and how to prevent erosion, create a healthy ecosystem and regenerate degraded land.


Shaping the land to reap the rewards of mother earth and create positive effects on ecological systems.

Natural Building

How to build beautiful, spiritually uplifting homes using locally resourced natural materials.

Alternative systems

Community living and alternative lifestyles that unite people and the planet.

Appropriate technology

Innovative ideas and tools to harvest and create energy.


Catchment, usage, importance, and conservation of water.

Zone 00

Personal development, self-empowerment and personal goal setting
Permaculture Design Course
permaculture course
Permaculture Design Course
permaculture course
permaculture course
permaculture course
permaculture design course

Design Project

As part of every Permaculture Design Course, participants will help to co-create a final design for a real project. They will use the knowledge learned from the PDC and the assistance of the facilitators. Participants will have the opportunity to design their own land if they wish or work on another project presented. If you are interested in designing your own land or a project  you are involved in, Please contact us for more information.

Watch clips from our previous projects!

PDC @ Panya Project

Quinta Kania Farm

quinta kania farm

Additional Activities

quinta kania farm

As well as the curriculum above we love to welcome everybody to participate in additional activities, that energies the body and mind. It is possible to join regular yoga classes run by lovely project Off Grid Yoga School. River Mondego and it’s valleys offer amazing walks among the forests and big granite boulders. In the area there are options to rent kayaks or paddle boards for the river sports enthusiasts, or even to book a horse ride. You are welcome to bring your instruments and we also have yoga deck to practice dance or other movement activities. It is our mission to create a space for you to try new things, experiment, learn and be yourself. To explore a deeper connection with nature and with like minded souls and to be blown away by the depth of permaculture opportunities.

Accommodation options

quinta kania farm

Amazing view, comfortable and private.

Great for one person or a couple.

natural building

Lovely shelter in the heart of the farm.

3 beds shared space


Private settings and magical shape.

Ideal for one person, couple or family.

bell tent

Find your perfect spot on our 4 hectare land.

There is plenty of space to park a van, pitch a tent or hang a hammock.



We have created a variety of different price scales to suit all financial circumstances.

course price including camping in your own tent or van: € 675
shared yurt accommodation: € 100 per person
bell tent accommodation (private or for 2 people): € 200
wooden cabin accommodation (private or for 2 people): € 250

Note: optional accommodation are not included in the course price

Special Family Price Package

We understand, that being a parent and following your dreams is sometimes a difficult journey. That’s why we created a special price for

the family of 3 – 900€ course fee with camping and food

Note, that if you wish to book our accommodation, it counts extra.

If you have a bigger family, please write us and we can tailor a price for you.

The family price package covers participation in the course for one of the adults plus food and camping for all of the family. We hope that this way one of you can fully enjoy the course and get the certificate at the end, while the other parent can take care of the kids.

This price includes all meals, pick up from Tábua or Carregal do Sal stations, if needed, and all course tuition and materials. Please arrive no later than 13h00 on the 23rd August for lunch and a site tour. We ask registrants to make a deposit of €100 (plus a small transaction fee) to secure your spot. The remaining fees can be paid in cash or Pay Pal on arrival day.

We would like to be as transparent as possible with finances and set an example to other projects. We are open and honest with visitors and students, who each contribute so much to the building and development of the farm and community. Quinta Kania Farm is currently funded by its founders but we want to create a more resilient economic model. The money paid for your course fee will be divided between Quinta Kania Farm and the facilitators. That means we can go forward with developing the project and the facilitators can continue with their passion to teach and inspire. Please Note: In the unlikely event of us cancelling the course, your deposit will be refunded in full. Additionally, we will not be held responsible for any other financial losses accrued. Deposits are non-refundable if you choose to cancel. We will accept late bookings if there is space available.

Fundraise for your Tuition

If you are interested in a creative way to come up with funds for our Permaculture Design Course, look into fundraising for it through ​ WeTheTrees.co​ . It is a great way to reach out to your family and friends. Let them know what you are up to and give them an easy way to contribute to your education.


Covid Measures

quinta kania farm

It is essential for us to continue our work during these troubling times. As well as the fact, that we create a safe and healthy space for you to come and learn with us. We will put in place all necessary sanitation equipment and responsible distancing, if required. Our teaching facilities will be mostly outside and there are different accommodation options to suit all regulations. Please take whatever personal steps you need to feel comfortable in regards to masks, gloves etc. Let us know prior to arrival if you have any other needs. We will keep our eye on the circumstances, and adapt if and when necessary.

Do you have questions? Don't be shy!